Sustainers Club

We appreciate so much the faithfulness and confidence our friends put in us by giving to the college through the Sustainer's Club. As the college expands, these gifts are more and more appreciated. The Sustainer's Club is a group of very special friends, and we really could not make it financially without them.

General Fund

Our students’ tuition, room, and board payments cover only about 70% of the actual expense to educate them. The rest of the cost is covered by Fairhaven Baptist Church and other churches and friends. Would you be willing to help train the next generation for service?  Your general fund donation will be used to support the ongoing daily operating expenses of Fairhaven Baptist College.

Volleyball Marathon

Over the years we have made many efforts to keep costs down so that college education can be affordable for young people going into full-time Christian service.

The two teams will be playing volleyball for a total of 96 continuous hours. The object is for our young people to find people to sponsor their team for a minimum of 10 cents per hour. For example, a ten-cent sponsorship would generate $10, while a $1 sponsorship for 96 hours would generate $100. This sponsorship will be put to good use in our student's educational pursuits. Many of our students are "on their own" for their college bills, so we make every effort to make college affordable for them.

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